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Newcomer, Real Good Ketchup won the Best New Sugar Reduced or No Sugar Product 2017 category at the Sugar Reduction Summit held at the Royal Society in London yesterday 9th November.

“We are thrilled to win this award for the best new sugar reduced product category. We are passionate about the importance of reducing sugar particularly in children's diets as they are the ones that will face related health challenges later in life. “ says founder and Mum, Elizabeth Jones “We have to do something about this now.”

We are all getting more aware of the detrimental health effects of Sugar, in fact, according to a survey by NetMums and SugarWise, 80% of parents regularly search for low/no sugar products for their family.

We are advised to keep sugar lower than 6tsp per adult and under 3tsp for a child per day. This is quite a challenge given our western diet. For example, A low-fat yoghurt can contain up to 6 teaspoons of sugar. It is not...

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