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 Amundi Asset Management buys Mundicoin

Real Salvator Mundi LLC, announces sale of Mundicoin, its signature cryptocurrency/artwork, to Amundi Asset Management, Europe's largest asset management company and in the top 10 worldwide.

Created by artists Elliott Arkin and Marc Lafia in 2017, Mundicoin represents a unique approach
to “using the blockchain to reset the art market’s perception of what a new ephemeral work of
art might be in the age of social and computational media,” according to Artnet art market
analyst Tim Schneider. As both a work of art and cryptocurrency, Mundicoin is “rattling the cage
loudest,” Schneider said. 

Arkin and Lafia launched their Mundicoin project following the record-setting sale of Leonardo’s
“Salvator Mundi” for USD$450 million in 2017. The themed currency was introduced via Arkin’s Real
Salvator Mundi, an online store that offers an array of products featuring the public-domain
image of Leonardo’s...

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