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RealThing Ai is today announcing the launch of its latest fully voice accessible smartphone: the RealSAM Pocket V4, completely designed for those with sight loss.

Released today in the United Kingdom and previewing in the United States, RealSAM Pocket V4 delivers on significant innovations from its V3 2021 release. The newest developments are cleverly crafted to meet the daily frustrations that visually impaired people face, including the ease of accessing choices when shopping, challenges in being independently mobile and a need for a reliable solution to read text in confidential situations, such as banking and healthcare.

Now faster, more powerful and with upgraded visual clarity1, RealSAM Pocket V4 boasts features such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Object Recognition and an enhanced Emergency On-call Assistant2 to support independent living and make everyday tasks such as cooking and completing shopping easier.

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