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“I found it embarrassing that the makeup team would have to come and paint in my hair”: Soap star Anthony Quinlan opens up about his transformative hair transplant surgery.

Soap star Anthony Quinlan underwent a hair transplant at the Farjo Hair Institute’s flagship clinic in Manchester

The FUE procedure was carried out by eminent surgeon Dr Greg Williams and involved 1926 follicular unit grafts

Quinlan is delighted with the ‘drastic results’ and would encourage anyone thinking about hair transplant surgery to book in for a consultation

Actor and soap star, Anthony Quinlan, is best known for his roles as Gilly Roach in Hollyoaks, as well as Pete Barton in Emmerdale. Like thousands of other men, he started to notice hair loss in his late twenties and decided to do something about it, for both personal reasons and for his career.

“I think I was around the age of 27 when I first noticed that...

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