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•Plastic & reconstructive surgeons such as Mr Naveen Cavale are fully booked until autumn

•The most popular post-lockdown procedures are rhinoplasties

•Reasons for the upswing in surgery include more time spent at home, despite restrictions easing (i.e. working from home), mask-wearing to cover swelling/bruising, plus Zoom/videos calls making us to look at our reflection more often than normal

•Caution is needed and patients should be wary of post-lockdown ‘deals’ and ‘special offers’

16th July 2020 – The UK is continuing to slowly ease restrictions after months of being locked down, meaning that cosmetic procedures can now start to take place again – if you can get an appointment, that is.

Plastic surgeons have never been busier, with some practices fully booked up until October. Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon, Mr Naveen Cavale, is one of them. “I’ve honestly never been busier – there is a big demand...

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