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Radio presenter and host, Paul Coyte, reveals he’s had a hair transplant

Paul Coyte, before and after

Radio presenter and host, Paul Coyte, has recently revealed he underwent a hair transplant after feeling unhappy about his hairline for some time. Best known for being the host of TalkSport2's Breakfast Show, for his work at Capital Gold, Virgin Radio, and as Tottenham Hotspur’s matchday compere, the radio presenter is now eleven months post-operation and is thrilled with his results.

“I feel so much better in my general life. My hairline is something that had been playing on my mind for quite some time”.

Paul noticed an improvement about six months post-operation but feels the true results have come through in the past few months and is over the moon with the success of the transplant.

“I’ve started to feel a lot more comfortable and confident these past few months. Now that I’m eleven months in, I’ve really noticed a difference”.

He’s not the only one to have noticed a change. “Now I’m getting to the point where people are actually stopping me and going ‘you’re looking really well, Paul. What’s different? Have you lost weight?’ and they can’t quite work out what it is. People recognise I’m looking younger and more confident and are asking what’s different”.

Not one to be coy about his operation, Paul is happy to let people know he’s undergone a hair transplant.

“I’m very happy to tell people what I’ve had done. The positive comments that I’ve been getting really validates everything that I was feeling. Also, the fact that people are noticing proves to me that it’s had the effect I wanted it to have, so I’m really happy.”

Paul underwent his surgery at the Farjo Hair Institute with award-winning hair restoration surgeon, Dr Bessam Farjo. Renowned for their hair transplant clinics in Manchester and London, the Farjo Hair Institute is considered one of the world’s premier centres of excellence when it comes to hair restoration and is one of the most revered brands in hair transplant surgery around the globe, so it was an easy decision for Paul to decide where to have his operation.

“Paul came in to see us as he has been feeling quite self-conscious about his hair loss for quite some time” explains Dr Farjo.

“He felt that his frontal loss significantly dented his confidence and constantly saw a different person in the mirror compared to the person he knows he is. He opted for the Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) hair transplant procedure and had about 1700 grafts (approx 4000 hairs) in September 2020”.

The results of Paul’s surgery speak for themself. But what should you consider if thinking about booking in for a hair transplant yourself? Dr Bessam Farjo shares his top tips below:

Do your homework. Don’t be rushed into making a decision. Know what is out there and visit or talk to a few clinics. It’s vital to take your time to check out the credentials of the clinic or surgeon. All reputable surgeons will have membership to professional societies - for hair transplant looks for national and international bodies like the British Association of Hair Restoration Surgery (BAHRS) and the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS). They’re more than nice logos to put on a website – they’re a sign that you are likely to be putting your faith in the right pair of latex-gloved hands.

Look at before & after photos. Make sure you see some before and after pictures of previous patients. Look out for differences in lighting, positioning to make sure you aren’t being tricked into thinking the results are better than they really are.

Meet your surgeon. You should always meet with the surgeon prior to having surgery, so they can go into more detail about the different options, your medical history, the costs, and to answer any questions you may have.

Always ask 'is it too good to be true?’ Although the cost will always be a factor, just remember that you pay for quality work. Cheap procedures should ring alarms bells, as it could mean poorly equipped and badly prepared clinics and/or staff.

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With clinics in London and Manchester, the Farjo Hair Institute is one of the UK's leading hair restoration clinic. Founded in 1993 and headed up by husband and wife team Dr Bessam Farjo & Dr Nilofer Farjo, the clinic specialises in hair transplant surgery for both men and women, as well as hair loss medicine. Alongside being true experts in their field, the Farjo Hair Institute team operate from a state-of-the-art surgery and teaching facility which has had an investment of over £2million. The 4,300 sq. ft Georgian-style building in Manchester is home to the first hair transplant training and research academy in the country. The London base has been at Harley Street for over 25 years and is led by Plastic Surgeon, Mr Greg Williams. For those considering hair restoration, you can feel assured by the knowledge that surgeons from around the world gather to hone their techniques at the Farjo Hair Institute.

Covering all proven hair restoration methods, both surgical and non-surgical, the Farjo Hair Institute assesses each and every patient on an individual basis to come up with a bespoke treatment plan. Renowned amongst celebrities and VIPs for their hair transplants, the FUE procedure sees over 2000 follicular unit grafts transferred from the back and sides to the area in need of restoration. The strip FUT method can yield over 4000 grafts in one day. The outcome of decades of expertise at the Farjo Hair Institute means patients will find they have results that are very natural looking and virtually undetectable - even under close scrutiny.