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Good leadership comes from behaviour, not just intelligence or personality, according to a leading management expert.

Steve Glowinkowski – whose new book It's Behaviour, Stupid!, is based on decades of research into management behaviour – says it is how leaders behave that influences and drives the bottom line. “Behaviour is the bridge between what we intend and what we achieve. Without that bridge there is no chance for an organisation to achieve its goals and objectives,” he says.

Achieving flash-in-the-pan improvements that soon peter away is not what leadership is about, so it is essential that leaders set the right Organisational Climate. It is by far the most important factor in driving performance.

Glowinkowski says: “Organisational Climate is about ‘what it feels like to work here’, what it is like for the people in the organisation. After all, it is people who produce the performance of an organisation rather than the...

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