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With a second wave of COVID-19 sweeping the country, the nation has been placed into a second national lockdown, meaning many must work from home once again. But unlike in March, this period of isolation has an end date, and come 2nd December, a return to the office will likely be an option for several areas of the UK. So how can we swap the dining room table for an office desk as safely as possible? The answer: flexible office spaces.

COVID-19 has turned the world of work upside down!

In less than a year, we have seen all non-essential services adapt to their entire workforce working remotely, an exponential rise in the use of virtual meeting platforms, and most recently, a socially distanced return to the office.

But as was predicted prior to the easing of restrictions, case numbers are spiking across the country for the second time, and in a bid to slow the spread and reduce contraction rates, the government has announced a second...

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