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Lose weight through hypnosis

Over a third (35%) of us put ‘lose weight’ as a New Year’s Resolution

Hypnosis can help people lose weight easily

Free online test can help gauge suitability for hypnosis

Almost all of us put on weight over the festive period, but for many, this harms self-confidence at a time where we need it most. On Christmas Day alone the average person consumes 6,000 calories, roughly three times higher than the daily recommended amount. Across the holidays, the average person could gain as much as five pounds, which can lead to reduced confidence for Christmas parties, and increased stress about losing the weight in the new year.

When it comes to making resolutions, 35% want to lose weight in the New Year, but 43% give up on their resolution in under a month.

Keeping resolutions is much harder than making them, with people dropping resolutions due to time constraints, lack of motivation, or financial difficulties,...

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