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1920 was the Gatsby year, 2020 will be the year of QVONTUM


Palacio Launches QVONTUM ✨✨✨
A Collection Of Revolutionary Luxury Accompaniments

Bespoke design brand Palácio is delighted to launch its new collection of luxury accompaniments: the QVONTUM (pronounced “quantum”) Collection. QVONTUM is a range of accessories that is are as beautiful as fine jewellery, yet as robust and precisely engineered as a mechanical timepiece; a revolution in functioning works of art. These exquisite pieces are made to last generations and can be collected over time.

QVONTUM Collection

The QVONTUM Collection currently offers four exquisite lines of luxury accessories: Eleganté, Étourdissant, Omaggio, and Quintessence.

Eleganté is Italian for “stylish, sleek, sophisticated”, and pieces in this line are crafted to capture the irresistible beauty of gleaming polished metals.
Étourdissant is French for “stunning”, fitting as this selection of artworks are encrusted with precious gemstones. The Étourdissant Line is Palácio’s “Haute Joaillerie” QVONTUM.
Omaggio means “homage” in Italian. Each piece in this line is designed to accentuate and complement one’s wristwatch collection, honouring both classic and modern watch designs of the past 250 years.
Quintessence is Palácio’s most broad and expansive line, offering almost limitless unique themes (Astronomica, Wonders, and Cities, to name just a few).

QVONTUM Creation

A QVONTUM is a completely unique work of art, handcrafted to perfectly suit the individual and their hand. Very similar to the process of creating a fine mechanical wristwatch, each QVONTUM starts its journey with precision CNC machining by Palacio’s master machinists. Next, each component travels to Palacio’s finishing shop, where they are meticulously perfected by experts in polishing, burnishing, engraving, enamelling, and precious gem setting. Assembling and testing the QVONTUM comes next as Palacio’s team of technicians painstakingly puts all of the pieces together, assuring that it performs flawlessly. Only then is it ready to be sent to its new owner either by hand-delivery or secure international shipping.

Palácio Membership

Palácio International is maintaining its legacy of commitment to its clients by treating them to unparalleled service through a membership platform. Once an individual purchases a QVONTUM, which start at approximately $10,000, he or she is welcomed as a lifetime Palácio Silver Member. If a person decides to more deeply experience Palácio, he or she can purchase at the $100,000 level and become a Palácio Gold Member. The Palácio Platinum Membership is reserved for those who purchase at the $1,000,000+ level.

In addition to five-star client service, members receive invitations to exclusive Palácio Receptions, held throughout the year in some of the world’s most glamorous destinations. Offering mouthwatering food and drinks, inspirational talks, incredible entertainment and live music, these events are opportunities to meet likeminded people and make friends for life.

Palácio’s President and CEO John Frederick Ambielli said on QVONTUM’s launch:

“With a combined background of engineering (which perhaps derives from my German heritage) and artistic expression (Italy and France are to thank for this!), I have always been enamoured with the creation of beautiful things that also have a purpose. Precision engineered and manufactured parts are cold and lonely until the artist and craftsperson assembles, beautifies and finishes them, giving them appeal, longevity, and heirloom collectibility. That defines the essence of The QVONTUM. We are thrilled to unveil these first four collections and we will soon reveal three additional breathtaking lines. I couldn’t be more thankful to our dedicated employees for their tireless design, engineering and manufacturing work!”


About Palácio
The origins of the Palácio International brand reach all the way back to 1870, where the first ancestor of this family business landed in the state of New Jersey America to start his artisan woodworking business. Palácio’s current President and CEO, John Frederick Ambielli, is trained as a materials engineer and has an unbridled passion for artistic creativity and expression. As a brand, Palácio’s central passion is the beauty and wonder of the human hand. Its three core principles, which Palácio invites its members to celebrate, are Ensemblism, World Travel, and Collectionism, all of which link intrinsically with their bespoke, handcrafted creations.

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