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Palacio Launches QVONTUM ✨✨✨
A Collection Of Revolutionary Luxury Accompaniments

Bespoke design brand Palácio is delighted to launch its new collection of luxury accompaniments: the QVONTUM (pronounced “quantum”) Collection. QVONTUM is a range of accessories that is are as beautiful as fine jewellery, yet as robust and precisely engineered as a mechanical timepiece; a revolution in functioning works of art. These exquisite pieces are made to last generations and can be collected over time.

QVONTUM Collection

The QVONTUM Collection currently offers four exquisite lines of luxury accessories: Eleganté, Étourdissant, Omaggio, and Quintessence.

Eleganté is Italian for “stylish, sleek, sophisticated”, and pieces in this line are crafted to capture the irresistible beauty of gleaming polished metals.
Étourdissant is French for “stunning”, fitting as this selection of artworks are encrusted with precious...

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