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RemindMeCare to launch Alexa-integrated App to help elderly care at the GIANT Health Event

ReMe app can be accessed from a tablet

The business is set to launch its Alexa-integrated app to support elderly, dementia and learning disabilities care

• New app generates new data set, Electronic Life Records, to support data portability across the patient pathway from diagnosis to end of life
• The soon to be GP-prescribable app supports post diagnosis care in the community and can reduce anxiety in patients and participate in reducing premature resort to medication

RemindMeCare was built by a team of social entrepreneurs with experience caring for those with dementia, supported by experts including Lindsay Royan, Head of Psychological Services at North East London NHS Foundation Trust.

The business is set to launch its Alexa-integrated app to support elderly, dementia and learning disabilities care at the GIANT Health event, taking place on November 21 and 22 2018 at Chelsea Football Club, London, SW6 1HS.

The internet-hosted-digital-activity-based app builds a profile of the person being cared for through data acquired from digital assessment, remote family interaction and algorithm- based activities such as games, reminiscence and cognitive therapy.

This significantly enhances person-centred care and reporting, whilst also generating a return on investment for care businesses who are investing in tech to improve the care process.

Client acquisition, digital assessment, family reporting and staff morale are improved and both therapy and group entertainment are supported, whilst admin, family and Care Quality Commission (CQC) reporting are enabled.

First used in the formal care sector in early 2017, ReMe is now used in care homes and day care centres in the UK, Europe and Australia, Singapore and Delhi.

ReMe has also been configured for use in hospitals and is now in the process of establishing an evidence base for its efficacy as a digital therapeutic, with a study being undertaken by Kingston University to appraise key care metrics at Kingston Hospital, Surrey, UK.

Co-founder for RemindMeCare, Simon Hooper said, “ReMe is loved by care staff and nurses working with people with dementia. It can make a massive difference to the lives of people with this condition and support the campaign for better social care, particularly for those in residential care homes who welcome stimulation and discussion.”

Etienne Abrahams, fellow co-founder said, “We also want to support family and friends who work hard to stay in touch and engaged, whether their contact is at home or in a care home. However, we realised that for the patient, a tablet is not always the easiest means of achieving connectivity and talking is far more intuitive.”

“So, we’ve integrated ReMe with Amazon’s Alexa. However, the issue was how well a voice engagement process, such as Alexa or Google Home, will interact with the individual. We were not sure whether someone with dementia would feel disorientated or whether they would welcome the interaction.

“The solution lies in the knowledge that ReMe stores of the person learnt through activities and family participation. With regular engagement it becomes possible to remotely prompt medication and hydration alerts, and reminders and improved community engagement”.

ReMe is the leader in activity-based software and Simon Hooper will be presenting ReMe for care in the community use and discussing the potential for using Alexa in care homes with their specialised integrated ReMe at the GIANT Health event at Chelsea Football Club on Wednesday November 21 2018.

The team at RemindMeCare will also be presenting their solution to the issues now faced by both families and care homes in light of current General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation.

Simon Hooper concluded, “Families want to be sure that their highly personal data is not being exploited by those that have access to it, while care homes want to reassure them that they are complying with GDPR regarding the personal data that they use and ReMe holds. This highly sensitive information includes a person’s life story, memories, likes and dislikes, preferences, habits, moods and family information.

“ReMe is the world’s first app that provides a compliant solution for the personal data, what we call Electronic Life Records (ELR). This new data set truly enables carers to provide better care and will be used, with the families’ consent, to assist researchers to better understand how lifestyles can impact on the prevention of such conditions and can assist with post-diagnosis support of those cared for in the community.

That’s why we’re working towards ReMe being a GP prescribable care support tool. We’re effectively producing unique activity-derived patient data sets of electronic life records and we’re soon to enhance its current security by integrating a blockchain solution that puts the consumer in control of their data.”

RemindMeCare, is a sponsor of the Blockchain in Healthcare day at GIANT, taking place on Thursday November 22 2018. RemindMeCare. The other sponsor to this strand is the specialist consultancy, Grovelands.


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Reference to Kingston Hospital Trial