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FAST FOLD solar deploys in seconds

Renovagen Ltd has launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund FAST FOLD portable solar power systems which will be donated or loaned free-of-charge to disaster relief and humanitarian charities and NGO’s. These self-sustaining renewable energy systems, which can be moved by hand and deployed extremely quickly, will reduce their dependency on fuel supplies for provision of essential life-saving power.

The FAST FOLD system consists of an Energy Hub with AC power output and up to 10kWh of energy storage housed in a robust “peli case” for outdoor use, plus flexible folding solar photovoltaic mats of up to 1.6kWp each in capacity which can be deployed in seconds by two people. It is much smaller, lighter and quicker to set up than other multi-kW portable off-grid renewable energy systems – and with single button operation is much easier to use – so it’s ideal for use by workers or volunteers at sites which...

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