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Responsible Finance in 2017: key data

Jamie Veitch Consulting on behalf of Responsible Finance

61,163 customers borrowed £235 million (GBP) from the UK’s responsible finance providers in 2016-17, according to research published today.

The figures, published by “Responsible Finance” in a new report “Responsible Finance: The industry in 2017” also reveal that:

• £67 million of business lending from responsible finance providers to over 5,000 businesses resulted in 4,270 new businesses created in 2016-17, and 8,053 jobs created or saved in SMEs and micro enterprises – the “backbone of the UK economy”;

• 304 social enterprises were created or safeguarded in 2016-2017 thanks to £142 million of responsible finance loans, creating or saving 4,661 jobs in social enterprises;

• Access to £22 million of affordable credit from responsible...

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