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• 16% of those surveyed say they have been raped, but only a fifth of those reported it to police
• A quarter didn’t think there was a strong chance of prosecution, a fifth didn’t think there was enough support from legal system to get them through it
• Latest figures from Ministry of Justice and the Home Office estimate up to 95,000 rapes committed each year, but as low as only 15% are reported to police, only one in five of those cases end up in court and only a third of those result in convictions
• Government called on by Reveal, who have teamed up with Rape Crisis, to fund more independent female advisors to support rape victims through the justice system, with almost 90% agreeing it would result in more being reported

Many women may be failing to report rape because of a lack of faith in the legal system as well as concerns that they will not be supported through the process, from the initial reporting of a rape to police, right through to...

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