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UK SME Summer Holiday Working Habits

New Process Bliss research reveals more than four in 10 SME workers say their boss expects them to work during summer holidays

08 July 2019 – Many SME employees will be working every day during their 2019 summer holidays, with 30.5% working either every day (22.8%) or multiple times each day (7.7%). Overall, more than two-thirds (67%) will spend some time working during their summer holidays, according to new research from process management firm Process Bliss.

The research was commissioned to better understand modern SME working habits and revealed changing expectations about working cultures. 45% of SME employees say that their clients expect them to be available during their summer holiday and 41% say that their boss expects them to be available.

“While working during the summer holidays might sound horrific to some people, working patterns and habits have...

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