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New Process Bliss research reveals 40% of employers interfere more than they need to

15 May 2019 – UK SME bosses interfere in HR more than they do in any other department, according to new research out today. 39% of HR workers said their boss micromanaged them, 29% said their boss was unclear when issuing tasks, while 53% said their boss has taken credit for their work.

Finance was the next department that was most interfered with – 38% of SME finance staff said their boss micromanaged them – followed by marketing, with 37% believing they were micromanaged, according to the research from process management firm Process Bliss.

Overall, 40% of respondents said that their boss interferes in their role more than they need to, with another 40% believing that such interference adversely affects company productivity. 17% believe that their boss delegates too much.

“HR is in some ways the most important business function as...

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