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VegTrug Grow Care Garden

With smartphones, cars and homes it seems like everything is getting smarter. So why stop there? The garden, a once untouched battlefield has also begun to see the takeover of smart gadgets. But who can complain as the essence of smart tech is to make life easier which means a lot less running around and a bit more TLC. In fact, it’s not just about making life easier. There are new initiatives which allow you to record your soil’s health which ultimately can help save earth’s soil*! You could help save the world without lifting a green finger.

But outdoor technology isn’t just about the soil and high street retailer Robert Dyas has a whole range of gadgets to make your garden smarter. Whether it’s energy-saving solar lighting, water recycling features or weather-resistant planters there’s no reason why your outside paradise should be left behind.

The plant reader

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