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Varnish Software, a pioneer in caching software and high-performance content delivery, today announced the Varnish E-Commerce AcceleratorTM. This new feature enables e-commerce platforms to dynamically cache personalized content while ensuring highest performance. It is available immediately as part of Varnish 6.0, the latest release.

With the rise of the experience economy, consumers today expect highly personalized content tailored to their interests. Due to its changing nature and security requirements however, this type of content has been considered “uncacheable.” This has forced e-commerce sites to make performance tradeoffs and accept slower loading times (see editor’s note). Given that so many e-commerce sites offer personalized content across so many different locations, this presents a huge dilemma. Even something as simple as a session token that allows shoppers to add an item to a shopping cart can be deemed uncacheable.

With its Varnish...

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