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Rudells Raine Collection Image 1

In a whirlpool of romance, celebration, and stunning jewellery, the award-winning Rudell The Jewellers unveils their new Raine collection - the latest masterpiece promising to captivate hearts beyond Valentine’s Day.

The 14th of February has been synonymous with romance for hundreds of years, and this year, the West Midlands based Rudell The Jewellers has taken it a step further by introducing the Raine collection. Composed of a selection of pendants and earrings, the new collection is all about evoking a sense of freshness and love of shared moments in life.

Founded on Valentine’s Day 1938, Rudell The Jewellers beautifully blends the celebration of their 86th anniversary with a contemporary expression of love. From the passionate, knowledgeable staff, to the values for which Rudells’ stands for, everything at Rudell The Jewellers is born from love.

The new collection serves as a bridge between tradition and modernity, showcasing...

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