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Strictly embargoed to 00.01 hrs Wednesday 9/9/09

999 Emergency
Call for witnesses to reverse rise in street violence

If you were mugged on a busy high street, how confident are you that any of the people who witnessed the attack would give a statement to the police?

Contact: Guy Dehn - 0777 9486377 / 07847 898934

The recent rise in violent street attacks can only be reversed if more witnesses are given the confidence that they can make a difference, says Witness Confident the new charity that is launching today (9/9/9).

11% rise in street attacks last year
Drawing on the latest official figures, Witness Confident says that last year people were attacked by complete strangers some 850,000 times – an 11% increase from the previous year. Eight out of every ten times, the assault went unreported or unresolved and the attacker was left to carry on regardless....

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