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Rug Raves are taking place on Saturday 21st November when rag rug makers from the UK as well as USA, Canada and Australia – many of them blindfold – will be making rugs to show their support for Rug Aid. This social enterprise teaches rug-making to blind Gambian ex-beggars and members of their families at a workshop in the grounds of the school for the blind run by the Gambian Organisation for the Visually Impaired (GOVI) in Serrekunde.

Begging was recently outlawed by the Gambian government, depriving many blind people of their only source of income. With help from Rug Aid, ex-beggars and their families are now learning to make a living by selling rugs: they create the rugs using locally-available materials and sell them direct to tourists.

Each Rug Rave will be unique: what will unite them is that everyone taking part will be asked to try rug making while blindfold. Some Rug Raves will...

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