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Save Tynedale's Amazing Rural Schools

Hexham: 28 February 2018 - A broad network of parents from across West Northumberland have launched a campaign to fight against the proposed closure of 16 rural schools. STARS - Save Tynedale's Amazing Rural Schools - was set up in the wake of Northumberland County Council's controversial schools consultation.

STARS is the next logical step in the process as parents across West Northumberland seek to coordinate and elevate their response to the consultation in an effort to safeguard their children's educational future.

Parents are unhappy with how the consultation has come about and with the three options it has tabled. Chiefly, STARS concerns are that:

• A decision has already been made by Northumberland County Council regardless of the outcome of the consultation;
• The consultation is based on muddled and misleading thinking and information, conflating separate issues such as the future of Haydon Bridge High School and debate...

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