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Last weekend, four intrepid sailors spent 24 hours in a liferaft off the sea-wall at Brighton Marina to raise funds for the charity Sail 4 Cancer. Aside from raising much needed funds, the event’s main objective was to raise awareness of the 1,000 people who are diagnosed with cancer in the UK every 24 hours.

Graham Precey, Chairman of Sail 4 Cancer and one of the volunteers in the Brighton raft explained, “The twenty four aspect of this challenge was important as nearly 1,000 people are diagnosed with cancer in the UK every day. Spending 24 hours in a liferaft in November is a pretty miserable experience, especially when you’ve got water inside the raft! With a water temperature of 10 degrees and an air temperature of zero degrees, we would have been in real trouble if we hadn’t been wearing immersion suits. Compared to the rigours of cancer treatment though, this liferaft challenge was easy!”

So far the Sussex liferaft team has raised nearly...

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