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London — 7th August 2018 — Sapphires Model Management are proposing an implementation of a Code of Conduct to improve the way the modelling industry works.

Initial discussions for the code of conduct will be taking place between agencies throughout summer and are being supported by Steven Saxby, Labour's Parliamentary Candidate for the Cities of London and Westminster, the region where most agencies in the country are located. Steven’s outlook and values are ethical with a view to create a better tomorrow, and he is very keen to support small to medium size businesses. Sapphires also welcome contributions from anyone with any experience of the modelling industry who feels there are ways to improve the way they operate.

“The Modelling Industry contributes a lot of money to the economy but is often run in an unprofessional and unethical manner. Although the industry is technically regulated by the Employment Agencies Act, it really doesn’t cover the...

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