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Veera Johnson

SCUDI International BV announced today that respected business strategist Veera Johnson has joined the fast-growing social impact organisation as one of its business advisors. SCUDI recently launched its innovative payday app, to global acclaim in the FinTech sector. The company is an Enterprise Software SaaS provider. Founded by Rie Sordo-De Cock, Group CEO, SCUDI developed the innovative application solution to give employees instant access to a portion of their earnt salary.
A graduate of the University of Central Lancashire, Ms Johnson is a visionary leader in the areas of technology enabled change and economic redevelopment. She has held several senior and executive positions in finance, technology, economic re-development procurement, supply chain and management consulting and has won multiple awards for her work. She has played a key role in the development of many the UK Government policies and strategies in the areas of eCommerce and digital transformation. Read full release

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