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Get Out And Grow

It's proven that a childhood spent outdoors helps children grow up healthier and happier, but new research from skincare brand Sudocrem shows that gardening has become a pastime as antiquated as hopscotch.

Whilst 87% of British households have a garden, it’s clear that planting and growing vegetables isn’t something it’s used for; with over half of British children between 4 and 8 unable to name 5 vegetables or fruits grown in this country. Many of those couldn’t identify basic gardening tools, with only 8% able to identify a trowel, 80% never having seen a rake before and, worryingly, 79% believing worms are bad for plants.

73% of those asked said they’d never grown a sunflower, while only 8% had ever picked an apple. Less than 10% had dug up a vegetable and only 6% had ever eaten a fresh pea from the pod.

Perhaps gardening should be taught in schools? Although under half of the children surveyed had access to a garden at school, over...

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