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“Student organisers welcome the Maples group to tomorrow’s demonstration, where campaigners protest the hypocrisy of “Green Capital” Bristol city council felling three remaining maples on Lower Ashley Road, and ask the Mayor to reopen negotiations he recently dropped. “Come down and measure for yourself."

Save the M32 Maples campaigners, including children affected by the city’s asthma epidemic are marching down Park Street, with the university medical students of Health Declares Emergency, to join Greta Thunberg on College Green at 11am. Used Asthma inhalers will be displayed on tree branches to show how important the three large trees are to the health of St. Paul’s children, who have a 46% asthma rate.* Medical student Abbie Festa, organiser of the Health Declares Emergency march down Park Street, says, “Trees are the lungs of the world. They contain greenhouse gasses. We are now finding ambient black carbon on the foetal side of placentas, caused by pollution....

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