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Entirely natural Jasmine perfume

Scent Systems distinguishes itself from other perfume companies by producing luxurious, entirely natural perfumes that are created without restrictions on creativity and cost.

For our first ready-to-wear collection, we have elected to create a range of five single-note floral perfumes made from entirely natural ingredients.

Flowers have been used as the inspiration for many perfumes throughout the 20th century. Single-note floral perfumes have always been very popular as they are easy for us to understand: they simply remind us of a particular flower.

However, none of the popular floral perfumes of the last century was made using exclusively natural ingredients. In fact, these days the fast majority of perfumes use petrochemicals that synthesise the smell of nature. It is therefore fair to say that very few people have ever smelt entirely natural perfume, let alone entirely natural perfume as luxurious as created by Scent Systems.

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