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London's only female accredited Beer Sommelier, Jane Peyton, is campaigning to change people's perception of beer and the notion that wine is the ultimate match for food. Jane is laying down a challenge for any Wine Sommeliers who want to accept it to co-host a wine, beer and food matching dinner where diners will decide what they prefer with each course - the beer or the wine. Will wine or beer win the Battle of the Bottle?

Whoever spread the idea that wine is the best match for food has never tried to make a wine ice-cream float. Jane does a version with beer - place a scoop of vanilla ice cream in a glass of Imperial Stout and sprinkle cocoa on it - Jane calls it a beer-puccino and it rules!

Jane enjoys subverting people's ideas of beer being something that only goes with pork scratchings and a drunken kebab on the way home...

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