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SkinNinja - Example Product Card

SKINNINJA APP ( Driven by the Founder’s own battle with Skin Cancer, Jo Osborne has created a free app that enables consumers to discover what health concerns (such as Contact Allergens and Carcinogens) are in our skincare, cosmetics and personal care products.

“There was no simple way for me to avoid cancer-causing ingredients in my skincare. Even if it’s just a small amount, I’m entitled to know about it, so I built my own solution.”

SkinNinja matches world leading expert evidence (including The International Agency for Research on Cancer and The World Allergy Organisation ), to over 200k ingredients, across 800k products. The UK’s most comprehensive database (and growing).

We believe that health information should be a right, not a privilege. It should be transparent and honest – and available to everyone, for free.

The Founder, Jo Osborne thinks about that every time she buys a skincare product:

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