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How Luxury and Sustainability Make Perfect Bedmates

When you think of luxury the first thoughts that come to mind are rarely ‘sustainability, responsibility, or packaging’. It’s more along the lines of a hedonistic state of not having to care. But scooms the online, Surrey-based duvet and bed linen company believe that ‘Luxury and Sustainability’ are the perfect bedmates.

Not only are all their products natural, but they were determined to also do something different with the packaging.

Emily says,

“We use recyclable cardboard boxes, like many companies. But we didn’t want to use plastic wrapping inside the boxes. Plastic in a way has become a word associated with irresponsibility. Sometimes there’s no option, but we knew that there had to be a better way for our company.”

Her husband and business partner Jonathan continues,

“It just felt wrong. Here we were sourcing the very best luxurious but also natural, sustainable material for our duvets and bed linen. But to then ruin all the good work by wrapping our product in plastic, was a bit like making a quality organic beer and selling it in a plastic bottle. It just wasn’t good enough, for us or our customers.”

Emily agrees,

“Trust Jonathan to bring real ale into this, but I guess he’s explained it perfectly with that analogy. Initially, my sleepless nights came before we even set up scooms I’d been searching for a duvet and was exhausted by the multitude of different choices. It just totally overwhelmed me. So, I lay awake until I came up with the idea of creating just one perfect duvet. And that’s what our online company offers – the easiest shop ever, as we’ve already done all the hard work, by rejecting everything until we found that one perfect duvet.”

Jonathan continues,

“But then the next round of sleepless nights came over the packaging.”

So how and what was the solution?

“Well we were brainstorming, when Emily got the idea. Since we worked with materials, and duvets always need duvet covers, the answer was staring us in the face. Why not use eco friendly material for the inner packaging too and get rid of any nasty plastic? So that’s what we’ve done. Each duvet arrives inside its own lovely reusable material bag. and it’s been a great success with our customers. They’re delighted with the continuation of responsible sustainability, right down to the use of natural material in the packaging.”

Fortunately, scooms has done its part, in making the process of choosing the perfect duvet and luxury linen a simple click on their website. But they’ve also gone that extra step further in the battle against unnecessary plastic, by ensuring ‘Luxury and Sustainability Make Perfect Bedmates’.

Notes to Editors:

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