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The Jockey Club has launched a mobile app, powered by the Viewmaker platform, as part of their Racing Explained initiative to convert casual racegoers into racing enthusiasts. Everyone loves a day at the races but research has consistently shown that of the 80% of visitors who attend just one or two races a year, few appreciate the finer points of the sport. The Jockey Club believes that a better understanding of racing is key to helping visitors to get more from their day at the racecourse and to encourage them to return more frequently;

“…we were really interested to find out what role technology could play in helping to demystify the sport of racing… to help people that go to the races to understand racing as a sport, not just as a great day out” Scott Bowers, Head of Communications, The Jockey Club.

The Racing Explained app, available on iPhone and Android, was developed by...

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