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Bethany Donaghy

A new commentary on research explores the strong link between neurodivergent (here identified as Autistic, ADHD, Dyspraxic/DCD and Tourette’s syndromes) children and young people (CYP) with joint hypermobility and pain as a co-occurring physical health challenge. The topical review emphasises that physical challenges frequently get overlooked compared to the mental, emotional, and sensory issues faced by neurodivergent CYP. This makes neurodivergent CYP vulnerable to unnecessary suffering and important diagnoses being delayed or missed.

Lack of diagnoses and absence of the required medical help for CYP is resulting in ongoing physical health problems including but not limited to – joint pain, gastrointestinal/stomach pains, dizziness, bowel bladder issues, heart palpitations, anxiety, and extreme fatigue and tiredness. The study co-authored by Bethany Donaghy, Dr. David Moore, and Jane Green MBE, highlights three key challenges for the children and young people in...

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