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SeeChange AI & Machine Learning Award

SeeChange Technologies are delighted to be announced as the winner of the Most Innovative ML Solution in the AI & Machine Learning Awards for our ground breaking Machine Learning solution to practical, real-world issues in Health and Safety.

The award recognises SeeChange Technologies Liquid Spill Hazard Detection in Real Time, designed to automatically recognise hazardous physical world scenarios and identify the relevant actions to take. This forward-thinking solution is delivered from our core mission – to help humanity thrive through the power of visual AI Technology.

Our state-of-the-art Machine Learning model has been trained on over 1 million spill images. It’s ability to detect different floor surface types and any kind of liquid spill, including water on a shiny floor, makes this solution the most advanced and effective method of ensuring your environment is as safe as it can be. 50% of claims made against retailers are from trips and falls,...

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