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Drink Drive Infographic

In time for the holidays, the alcohol and drug detox providers together invested 100,000 GBP into a drink and driving program.

UK Cities and all Counties –

The festive season finds many behind the wheel while under the influence across the United Kingdom. Knowing the seriousness of driving while drinking or using drugs, Serenity Addiction Centres and Steps Counselling has joined together and invested 100,000 GBP to launch a drink and drug driving program for its prevention. The free program includes drink and drug driving awareness campaigns and three, twenty-five-minute counselling sessions available to anyone in need of help.

“It's easy for anyone to convince themselves that they won't get caught and that they'll be OK since the drive is only a few miles up the road,” said Elle, a representative from Serenity Health. “It's only a matter of time before the person will get caught by the police, or worse, cause a fatal accident. We are...

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