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Connecting young people to Technopop

Technopop London launches a free festival of cutting-edge science, technology, design and innovation.

Today sees the launch of Technopop London a new eight-week, pop-up festival that is bringing cutting-edge science, technology, design and innovation to schools, students and families. Happening in The International Quarter (TIQ) on the edge of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, from 1 March to 21 April 2014, Technopop is open to all ages and is free to register. Technopop aims to inspire, enthuse and inform over 150,000 young people about the ideas and innovations that will shape their future in both work and play.

Technopop Founding Director, Jo Tasker, says: “Technopop is a truly cutting-edge event. Building on the optimism of the Olympics, we are giving kids the chance to explore careers in sectors and industries that are only just emerging. With its focus on future technologies, Technopop not only gives companies a platform to showcase their latest...

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