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Georgina Psychologist

Seventy Thirty's team looked at today's dating terms and the effect they have on people, thus with some possibly leaving long-term consequences

Seventy Thirty team explored: Cuffing season, Ghosting, Haunting, and Zombieing. But also Cushioning, Breadcrumbing, Benching, Kittenfishing, Love bombing and Stashing.

Let's look at Cuffing season; refers to the winter months, when people who are usually happily single start to seek a committed relationship. With the days getting shorter and the nights longer, the temperature dropping and the trees becoming bare, it’s the perfect time for cosy nights in with your loved one, building a relationship. It is the optimal time of year for past partners to creep up on you, too. If an ex-partner is single, they might try to come back you to spend these cosy nights in with you. Clinical psychologist Seth Meyers explains that ‘our energy...

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