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Seventy Thirty

Seventy Thirty’s psychologists looked at the research conducted for the last 15 years and identified 5 important bets in order for you to win in love.

Whilst there are many examples of people who have become successful purely through hard work, if you delve deeper into the success of many high profile people, it is commonplace for them to also mention their ‘lucky break’. So, if there really is an element of fate or luck as some may call it, how can you ensure that when it comes to love the house doesn’t always win?

Dr. Georgina Barnett explains the first bet: “Increase your odds and get out of your comfort zone – As we identified that people fall into a routine when it comes to their social activities; they see the same people, in the same places at the same times. Whilst routine can be comforting, it is not always helpful when you are single. Like the proverb says ‘a change...

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