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Dr Georgina Barnett

A recent survey conducted by Seventy Thirty the exclusive matchmaking agency for the well-heeled, asked 1000 randomly picked women if they would marry or date an unsuitable man just because he is wealthy. The results were: 32% said “yes”, 28% said “no”, and 40% said “maybe”. When asked if they consider themselves a ‘Gold-Digger’ only 7% said “yes”, 82% said “no”, and 11% said “maybe”.

With recent divorce statistics showing that the number of divorces in the UK continues to rise, the issues of large financial settlements etc. following separation are a real concern for many people. Some relationship break-ups are, of course, genuine loving marriages, which have sadly fallen apart, but some relationships are never meant to succeed, as they were doomed from the start. Today, as never before, we are faced with a growing number of people ready to ‘fake love’ for the sake of good old cash. Some individuals are so materialistic and driven by the monetary reward that they...

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