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80% of B2B Digital Marketing is Broken

Brand new 2016 B2B Digital bench marketing report shows what’s wrong – and how you can fix it fast.

We analysed the “digital footprint” of 509 of the top business-to-business organisations in the Thames Valley and Solent and discovered: 80% of these companies have fundamental problems with their online presence that directly impact their sales.

We identified 8 “key digital marketing signals”. Then we gave each a weighting based on how important they are. Then we scored each business to find out how likely it is would be that a customer or prospect could find them and then find the information they needed. Three of the finding are:

Only 21% of companies had ever tried using Google AdWords and many had implemented it ineffectively.
79% of companies not using Google my Business, a free service that helps clients find your company both online and in the real world.
Less than 6% of companies were using remarketing.
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