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OGGS® Is The New Eggs!

OGGS® launches Aquafaba, the UK’s first patented
plant-based egg alternative

Hassle-free, plant-based cooking and baking? OGGS® has cracked it. OGGS® Aquafaba is a ready-to-pour liquid egg alternative, which is set to completely reshape the future of home cooking and baking.
It whips, whisks and binds just like egg whites.

At a time when many people have been inspired to get their aprons on, OGGS® Aquafaba is set to be the new store cupboard staple, keeping bakers baking, cooks making and cakes rising. From meringues and mousses to mayo and sauces – the only thing you can’t do is dip your soldiers in it!

100% plant-based and low kcal, OGGS® Aquafaba is made using chickpea water, which is naturally free from egg, dairy, gluten and soy. So, it’s the perfect choice for people with allergies or anyone looking for plant-based, sustainable swaps in their diet.


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