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If you have ever hankered to drive a Ferrari, but never fulfilled the ambition, now is the chance to buy one of the most iconic objects ever to bear the Ferrari name. The Ferrari Art.Engineis a revolutionary audio system being made in a worldwide limited edition of just 1,000. Costing £18,000, it has immediately become a serious object of desire since its US launch in spring 2007. Now it’s available in Britain too.

Sleek, powerful and drop-dead sexy, Art.Engine combines its aluminium Ferrari engine block design with clear, vibrant performance. Incorporating advanced audio engineering, this single tower gives high definition stereo sound with incredible simplicity of wireless operation.

It’s a classic boy’s toy which women will love too, for its sculptural looks and geek-free control systems.

Standing 47” tall, 16” wide and just 6” deep, the Art.Engine is the...

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