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The Snowman 80s Christmas Jumper


80s and 90s nostalgic website Fresh Retro Juice have designed an exclusive, funny Christmas jumper inspired by the classic 1982 short film The Snowman. The parody design of the animation and the iconic 8-bit NES games is on sale now with 10% of the profits going to dementia charity Playlist for Life.

“My nan has dementia and it’s her CD’s and old films which keeps her happy above everything else.” Says Shem Douglas who runs Fresh Retro Juice. “The work Playlist for Life do is amazing as they advocate music as medicine to someone living with dementia. Nostalgic memories are a strong force to be reckoned with!”

The Christmas jumper was an idea formed from Shem’s love of retro gaming and the iconic Christmas short, The Snowman. “I wanted to poke fun and create a design that was instantly recognisable as an 80s throwback.”

You can purchase the Christmas jumper now from the online store at Read full release

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