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Nicorette’s (nicotine)* unique ‘Cut Down with Nicorette then Stop’ is launched today

Cut Down with Nicorette then Stop completely is proven to increase the chance of giving up** in smokers who are not ready to stop abruptly

50 – 70% of the UK’s twelve million smokers are unhappy with their smoking,1A,2A the vast majority of whom are not able or ready to stop smoking abruptly.1B Today, the unique Cut Down with Nicorette then Stop is launched – offering these smokers a new approach, based on improved smoker understanding and scientific research – meaning there are now an additional 4 million people in the UK that can be helped to stop smoking.1B

The evidence
In smokers unable to stop smoking abruptly, Cut Down with Nicorette then Stop completely has been clinically proven to significantly increase the chance of successful reduction and ultimate cessation.3A By using Nicorette Gum or Inhalator to quickly relieve cravings, smokers can...

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