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The Bench is Wet!

The HataMat allows you to sit when you want to

Useful as a Bench Protector, the HataMat is also a bike seat cover, hat cover or Rain Hood, for those unexpected showers.

An emergency item unobtrusively tucked away into pocket or handbag or pushchair.

An ideal gift for friends or parents who walk either in the park, woodland or in the ground of stately homes, the occasional pause to appreciate the view or the silence is not spoilt by the bench being damp.

Made of durable, ultra-light, waterproof coated nylon fabric, 450mm X 450mm is comfortable size.

Ribbons attached to ease use as bike seat cover and rainhood or hat protector.

Standard colour - Navy Blue.

Cost £4 plus £1 p&p.

Two or more , no extra postage.

Overseas p&p £2.00 and also no extra for two or more.

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