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22 February 2018, London, UK - A new survey brings to light the attitudes of employees across Europe, sparking concern for business leaders. It shows that 33 per cent of UK workers have gone as far as looking for a new job due to frustrations around operational efficiency.

The Digital Work Survey 2018 was commissioned by the work management platform company, Wrike, and surveyed 3,000 workers from across the UK, France and Germany. The findings highlight frustrations over inefficiencies at work and the worrying impact this is having on how engaged, productive and happy employees are in their roles.

Wrike wanted to understand the knock-on effect of operational inefficiencies on workers, and ultimately businesses. Nearly a third (29%) of UK workers say that they have become disengaged due to inefficiencies at work. Of those who were feeling most stressed, 66 per cent said that over the...

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