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A divided demographic

Golfing Under Lockdown: 10 times fewer middle-aged golfers back course closures

- A recent survey of 1,000 golfers across Britain found that a majority back immediate reopening of courses.
- Middle-aged golfers were far more “gung ho” about getting back on the green. A whopping 97% of golfers aged 45-60 opposed course closures. 
- Naturally, Golfers over the age of 60 were 10 times more likely to support course closures than their middle-aged counterparts.
- Surprisingly, even younger golfers backed closures almost as much as the over 60s.

What's more, currently, all golf courses are CLOSED in England & Wales. But they remain OPEN in Scotland.

I wanted to know how British Golfers feel about these differing restrictions, so I surveyed 1,000 golfers across Britain to ask them.

Here are the results:
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