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Book young people instantly for even small, last-minute shifts with no agency fees.

London, July 10, 2013: The Nominet Trust invite participation in a four month trial they have funded to help employers/charities in three areas of the UK try a new approach to reduce youth under/ unemployment and reduce their costs of providing people-based services to their customers. It is based on the recently launched internet system from Slivers-of-Time which enables employers who need something done to tap in to a vast talent pool of available under-employed young people with no agency fees or charges. The initial areas include Tower Hamlets in East London where there is a local partnership with JobCentre Plus.

As CEO of Slivers-of-Time Bob McNinch says, “This trial is meant to find out if we can boost local economies by offering a new business model that enables business and charities to have instant access to the available talent pool in their local communities...

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