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VarTec Telecom Europe Ltd has entered into partnership with - the UK's leading online small business support company.

VarTec's newly created division, VarTec In Person, (VIP) will support the telephony needs of small British firms. VarTec In Person allows small businesses to take advantage of low national and international telephone rates by signing up for the service on the Internet.

The VIP service utilises Carrier Pre-Selection (CPS). Therefore instead of tapping in a pre-fix number or installing additional equipment, small business customers can now stipulate that their calls be carried by VIP network and thus make dialling out on an alternative network hassle free.

The VIP products consist of flat-rate offerings. Any business, no matter how small, can take advantage of the savings.

VarTec In Person has built its offering around ease of use, simplicity and highly competitive rates. VIP benefits include...

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