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Lockdown air quality/driver survey stats

• Survey into lockdown driving behaviours and attitudes finds overwhelming support for electric cars and a potential Government scrappage scheme.
• 72.5% of survey respondents said local air quality was “very important” to them.
• 66% say they would get a fully electric car in bid to improve local air quality.
• 50.4% say a Government scrappage scheme would encourage them to switch to an EV in the next year.
• 88% also noticed less noise pollution.

The overwhelming majority of drivers have noticed a positive improvement in local air quality according to a survey into driver attitudes and behaviours during lockdown.

The survey*, carried out by nationwide electric car charge point installer Smart Home Charge, found almost all respondents noticed less congestion and noise pollution (99.3% and 88.3% respectively), with 98.3% agreeing that electric...

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