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#FirstWorldProblems Infographic

THE WORLD was sent into social chaos on Tuesday as millions were left yearning for networking site Twitter.

But the two-and-a-half-hour technical glitch didn’t stop the web from having a humorous moan - with many taking to other platforms to complain about their Twitter #FirstworldProblems.

With millions worldwide unable to share, like and retweet their wonders and woes, the complaining hashtag was alive in full force when the site rebooted.

Using data from social media,, a mobile tyre fitting company who sees itself as a solution to a first world problem, has found that Brits moaned a third more in the first week of January this year compared any other month last year.

From Twitter deprivation to Blue Monday behind us, reflect on some of the new years finest #FirstWorldProblems this January. Read full release

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