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The LG Optimus 3D was announced to much fanfare at February's Mobile World Congress as the world's first '3D smartphone'. Although 3D technology is quick becoming more prevalent in TVs and cameras, it hasn't yet become 'mainstream' in the smartphone market. And that's why we think this handset will be a success.

2010 was a year of disappointment for LG's Mobile Division, who are reported to have had poor sales figures, having struggled to come up with fresh new products and innovative new ideas. However, We think the Optimus 3D could be the smartphone to turn things around for the manufacturer - and will prove that 3D smartphones can play a role in everyday life.

The LG Optimus 3D, as you'd expect, arrives touting a 4.3-inch 'naked eye' display capable of displaying images in 3D. This enables users to enjoy a LG's custom 3D interface, to play exclusive 3D games and to...

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